Friday, May 15, 2009

Swan song for the Big Bad Bruins

OK, so the 2008-09 Bruins season came to an abrupt and premature end. Time to get over it! After all, we'll always have this cool little rap to remember them by, courtesy of the appropriately named Gifted Losers. For just an instant, I was imagining certain members of the Never B's - Tighty Whitey Tony, John "The Animal" Steel and Brad "Zamboni" Dodge in particular - trying to dance to this, but the images were just too disturbing! Enjoy, amigos!


Maulheart said...

Is this not a prime example of the malapropism-infested blog that someone a few days ago was moaning about? However, if it's dancing you want, might I suggest Dave Webb and Chad Cavanagh.

BrionO'C said...

Funny, John, but I was thinking that you'd appreciate the sing-a-long sub-titles, since you're such a rap aficionado! Plus, I thought the some dancing lessons might go a long way to helping you resolve your issues with the blue line! ;-)